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ATX LED AL-WS-DMX Wall Dimmer with DMX Output and 3-Way Support

ATX LED AL-WS-DMX Wall Dimmer with DMX Output and 3-Way Support

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This switch operates just like any standard residential light switch – however, it uses DMX512 for communication with other devices. This DMX source in a standard residential style outline fits into any home looks like any switch yet requires no licensed electrician for installation – the dimmer itself uses under 50 mw yet controls thousands of watts of lighting. Stand alone it operates as a single Universe for one DMX address. It has DMX in and DMX out for daisy chaining multiple switches. The DMX address and light mode is set by a dip switch.

The On/Off switch is like any normal switch. The slider sets the brightness. In Color modes, the slider can adjust the RGB color as well.

Each switch operates in collision detection, multi-master mode – each one builds a universe of DMX addresses and learns the status of other switches. Thus multiple switches can control the complete universe. In single address mode 7 operation, the device supports 3-way switching – each switch can share the same destination DMX512 address and the last switch moved will control the On/Off and dim level.


  • Power and Data Source and Passthrough:  RJ 11 female connectors ( 2 )
  • Power Protocol:  Passive power from the RJ11
  • Input Voltage Range:  12v to 57 volts
  • Power Pins in:  See Diagram
  • Data Pins ( DMX512 over Rj11):  XLR2 D+ and XLR3 D- with collision detection
  • Max Power Consumption:  50 milliwatts
  • Addressing:  512 unit addresses via dip switch
  • Protection:  Reverse protection and static protection
  • Operating Temperature:  0°C ~ 50°C
  • Size:  108H (metal) 70H x 34 D x 42 W mm
  • Multi Master Shared DMX Bus:  Supported
  • 3-Way Operation with Multiple Switch:  Supported in a single address, white only
  • Termination Resistor:  Version 3 hardware adds a switch for simple 120-ohm termination at the end of the run

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