XSP 5B RDM DMX Splitter & Booster


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DMX splitters are the backbone of any DMX512 installation. The XSP series of splitters offer the highest level of reliability for professional use for events or on installations. The specially designed power supply ensures safe operation even under harsh mains conditions.

Each port is optically isolated and very well protected against transient over voltages. The DMX signal is regenerated and boosted while the DMX protocol timing is not modified.

The XSP splitter reduces reflection problems and allows splitting the DMX signal across multiple lines. An integrated microcontroller constantly monitors the DMX protocol and indicates the presence of DMX signal or an error with the DMX.

In order to meet a variety of applications, there are a variety of XSP models. The XSP box models have a thread for a clamp and an eye for the safety line. These models are portable and suitable for truss mounting.

The rack and double rack models are for 19 "rack systems. There are different types of connectors with 5-pin XLR, 3-pin XLR and pluggable screw terminals. Installation versions for wall mounting and direct wiring are also available.


  • High level of reliability
  • Boosts DMX
  • Regenerates DMX
  • Reduces reflection problems
  • Distributes DMX
  • Individual optical isolation per port
  • Connector types: 5-pin and 3-pin XLR and pluggable screw terminals models
  • Housing types: Installation, box, rack and double rack models, rear entry
  • 5 DMX outputs per universe / 10 outputs for the double-rack versions
  • DMX line termination