Nicolaudie STICK DE3 DMX Wall Mount

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The STICK-DE3+ is the most complete and upscale Stand Alone DMX Wall-Mounted lighting controller available from Nicolaudie Architectural. This marks the third generation of standalone wall mount DMX lighting controllers, giving you the most technologically advanced firmware and features.

Not only can it be controlled remotely from an iPhone or iPad, but the STICK DE3+ is capable of learning sunset and sunrise times with integrated GPS coordination. This feature is great for installations that need to light on at a certain time automatically without relying on a photocell switch or other similar devices.

Also available on the beautiful slim touch panel is an LCD screen which allows you to read all the different zones depending on how the user may have labeled them. Also, add pictures of the different zones in your installation that are displayed on the LCD making it even easier to recognize which zone you are selecting.

Available in black and white colors, the STICK DE3+ is ready to bring any room into life with unparalleled lighting control. Control up to 1024 channels and develop up to 500 scenes across 10 zones.

The Nicolaudie Architectural STICK-DE3+ has two LED indicators for symbolizing data and DMX network usage. This product also features a mini-USB port for direct communication between the device and your PC. Alongside the mini-USB slot, there is a micro SD card slot for stand-alone memory use, which is included in its packaging.

The STICK-DE3+ is the perfect solution for the most demanding projects, yet easy to install. This stand-alone wall unit is based on four modes, and with the touch-sensitive panel, you can choose to update the values of color, dimmer, scene, and speed. The dimmer allows for brighter or darker settings and saturation adjustment. The scene mode has up to 50 static or dynamic scenes to choose from.

The color palette lets you scroll through 16 million colors or manually select the RGB values. You can speed up or slow down any dynamic scene for color changing effects. All of this can be reset if you tap the center button. The STICK-DE3+ could not make your life any easier.


  • New glass design
  • Graphical color display
  • Color/dimmer/speed palette
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Touch-sensitive wheel
  • Multi-zone microSD memory
  • 500 scenes, 10 zones
  • 1024 DMX channels
  • USB & Ethernet connectivity
  • RS232, ports, infrared
  • Clock and calendar
  • Network communication
  • Catalog of designs
  • OEM customization
  • Windows/Mac software
  • iPhone/iPad/Android


  • Dimensions:  106 x 146 x 10 mm
  • Weight:  200 g
  • USB connection
  • WiFi Connection
  • DMX channels:  1024


  • ESA2:  PC / Mac
  • ESA Pro 2:  PC / Mac
  • Remote control apps

Stand alone:

  • Number of scenes:  36
  • Number of zones:  1
  • Memory capacity (20 ch.):  2729 steps
  • Memory capacity (512 ch.):  124 steps
  • Power voltage:  5-15 V DC
  • Power connector:  Screw terminal or RJ45


  • Live control:  Color / Dimmer / Saturation
  • Touch-sensitive buttons:  12 + wheel
  • Port triggers:  8
  • Clock/calendar triggers:  100
  • WiFi integration


  • AC/DC adapter:  Ref. POWER4M
  • RJ45 to blockboard:  Ref. RJ2BLOCK