24-8 Pocket Console DMX Portable Tester Controller


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The Baxter Pocket Console 24-Eight is a 24 Channel, 8 Submasters, single DMX universe console. The console allows up to 512 DMX addresses to be patched through 24 channels across three banks of 8 faders. Channel Bank assignment can be easily managed as necessary during your operations to give you access to all 24 channels. In addition to the Channel Mode, the Pocket Console 24-Eight offers multiple features, including a Patch Mode, Playback Mode and Record Mode, to make this an all-round lighting console. 

  • Portable Console DMX Tester 
  • Standalone
  • 512 DMX Channels (1 Universe)
  • 24 Channel, 3 Banks, 8 Sub-masters
  • 9V Battery and Power Supply Option
  • BCI - Baxter Controls, Inc