RGB & RGBW LED Touch DMX Wall Mounted Controller Kit - Black


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The 1 zone RGB / RGBW DMX512 master SR-2812B is a full touch controller designed per standard protocol DMX512(1990).  The controller offers fast and accurate color tone adjustment and independent brightness dimming for each RGBW channel with a unique design touch color wheel. Designed with a touch color wheel, the DMX512 controller can adjust color tone and brightness for RGB / RGBW LEDs smoothly and accurately. The RGBW controller can control 1 zone with endless decoders in each zone. Independent smooth dimming of each RGBW channel enables the DMX master to achieve millions of colors. 

  • An ultra-sensitive high strength glass touch panel with a touch color wheel
  • 1 zone DMX wall-mounted master
  • Fully compliant to the DMX512-A 1990 protocol and compatible with any DMX decoder
  • A maximum of 3 scenes can be saved and can be called when needed. Smooth and accurate color tone adjustment by touching the color wheel
  • Kit Includes Wall Mount Stick, In-Wall Power Supply and Wall Power Supply