Nicolaudie STICK GU2 DMX Wall Mount

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The dimmer switch of the 21st century is here. Available in black and white, the Nicolaudie Architectural STICK GU2 provides a simple yet powerful solution for your RGB lighting control needs.

The STICK interfaces GU2 are the cost-effective standalone option from Nicolaudie Architectural. With a beautiful touch display and classy physical appearance, this interface allows you to set up and control your lighting from a wall-mounted source without breaking the bank.

Both run on the ESA, and ESA2 software, the same software as the higher end STICKS. The lighting is important, but so are the looks of the controller. With slim profiles, and available in black and white colors, this interface will complement the look of any wall space, giving the place an upscale look. You do not have to compromise with a bulky, off-colored standalone box with this affordable interface.

The GU2 has 128 DMX output channels. Whether it may be a large or small installation, this device is up to the task while marinating proper aesthetics without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Not only is this device beautifully captivating, but it also comes with:

  • up to 4 touch-sensitive buttons
  • a micro-USB slot for programming
  • and 32 bit ARM technology.

The STICK-GU2 can operate as a standalone unit, meaning it can be preloaded with different scenes for ultimate productivity.

The standalone software was made for architectural purposes and it allows for simple creation of scenes; either for dynamic or static lighting control. This easy-to-use interface will make a great addition to your fixture application.

The GU2 has a simple interface with basic touch-sensitive buttons that include:

  • a power button
  • mode changer
  • and easy switching between the color/scene/dimming aspect of your installation.


  • Glass design
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Live Setting of the intensity and color of a scene
  • 24 scenes, 1 zone
  • 128 DMX channels
  • USB connectivity
  • OEM customization
  • Windows/Mac software


  • Dimensions:  86 x 86 x 11 mm
  • Weight:  113 g
  • USB connection
  • DMX channels:  128


  • ESA2:  PC / Mac
  • ESA Pro 2:  PC / Mac

Stand alone:

  • Number of scenes:  24
  • Number of zones:  1
  • Memory capacity (20 ch.):  840 steps
  • Memory capacity (60 ch.):  310 steps
  • Power voltage:  5-12 V DC
  • Power connector:  Screw terminal


  • Live control:  Color / Dimmer
  • Touch-sensitive buttons:  3
  • Port triggers:  1


  • AC/DC adapter:  Ref. POWER4M