Enttec 71066 Pixelator Mini Ethernet Pixel


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The Enttec 71066 DIN-rail Ethernet pixel converter is a compact version of ENTTEC’s flagship Pixelator.  The Pixelator Mini Controller is powerful enough to control up to 8,192 channels (2,730 RGB pixels) with perfect synchronization across all of its eight outputs up to 300m away when combined with either the PLink or PSAT.

The unit’s DIN-rail hardware features a variable 7-24v input and front LED indicators, show the status and connectivity of each unit. With its intuitive web interface makes installations quick and easy.

With input support for sACN and ArtNet 1, 2 & 3, plus outputs for a wide range of pixel protocols, controlling LED pixels, dots, and LED strips has never been more simple.

Alternatively, the Pixelator Mini PX1-8D is available in a 1U half-width form factor for rackmount solutions.


Remarkable engineering

  • Manufactured by the same team that brought you Pixelator
  • Super-compact DIN rail device.
  • 8-output
  • 16-Universe
  • DIN rail-mountable pixel controller.
  • Control 2720 individual RGB pixels.

Expert pixel sync

  • Spectacular performance from all outputs

Supports a wide range of LED pixel strips and dots

  • Connect any ENTTEC pixel strip or pixel dots to ports (using PLink Injector and external power)
  • Your own strip or dots.
  • Check Manufacturer's website for an updated list

Smarter pixel conversion

  • PX1-8D manages pixel conversion
  • Maintain a perfect output.

Web-based configuration