Enttec 71520 Pixel Octo LED Pixel Control


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Our state-of-the-art DIN-RAIL LED Pixel controller, the Enttec 71520 Pixel Octo is easy to install, service, and configure. Powered directly through its local power input with the widest input voltage range on the market, can also be ‘back-fed’ power from the LED pixel strip or dots to streamline your setup.

Function without the need for an Art-Net, sACN, or KiNet input. Once up and running, you can monitor the temperature in real-time using an intuitive web interface. Choose the convenience of Direct (live) mode, or the ability to edit and create presets, using onboard effects generator.

Assign parameters, then simply save your creations in the 100-slot preset library (which also comes with 14 handy factory effects to get you started). Controlled with virtual faders via a web interface, your presets can be set to run at power-up, thanks to its onboard memory and 120 MHz processor, opening the capabilities up to a much wider audience. Daisy chain up to 50 devices to extend your data.


Voltage range

  • Control 5V pixel strips or 60V pixel dots

DIN-rail mountable

  • Super-compact 4-module DIN-rail unit LED pixel controller

Network protocols

  • ArtNet
  • sACN
  • KiNet™
  • ESP
  • 3-wire and 4-wire (CLK) protocols

Webpage configuration

  • Intuitive web-based configuration

Inbuilt FX generator & Standalone mode

Supports a wide range of LED strips and dots

  • Check Manufacturer's website for an updated list