DVC4 GZM DMX USB Controller & Software


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The DVC4 Series can be used with any DMX512 compatible lighting fixture. Lights are linked to your PC or Mac by connecting an XLR cable to one of Daslight’s DVC4 USB or Ethernet DMX interfaces. DVC4 interfaces can be combined to give access to additional DMX universes. The Daslight software is free to download, but requires a Daslight USB or Ethernet interface to be connected to convert the control data from the software to DMX which the lights can understand. Each DVC interface also includes Stand-Alone memory, allowing for your show to be copied to the device and run without a computer- this makes it a great choice for a live backup or a smaller show.


Daslight Virtual controller DVC4 GOLD ZM

  • New! Mini USB-DMX interface.
  • 3 configurable DMX universes, (3 DMX out or 2 DMX out and 1 DMX, 1x 3pin XLR, 1x5pin XLR).
  • MiniSD multi-zone stand alone memory.
  • Works with DVC3 and DVC4 software.
  • Delivered with a USB cable.
  • Power supply not included.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32/64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher.