5 Channel DMX LED Strip Decoder


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The Sunricher DMX512 & RDM PWM Decoder 5 x 8A is a highly reliable and cost effective product for LED lighting installations. This LED Decoder provides you with the freedom to control 1 to 5 channels of RGB / RGBW / RGBWW LED strips, LED modules, and each channel provides you control from 1-256 levels of intensity.

Tech Specs:

  • DMX 512 LED Controller
  • Constant Voltage
  • Selectable 1 to 5 Output Channels
  • Input Voltage:  12~24 V DC
  • Output Current:  5 x 8 A
  • Output Power:  480-960 W
  • Output:  To LED
  • Flicker Free:  Adjustable Frequency - 500 Hz-30 kHz
  • Part Number:  SR-2108A-M5-5

Product Features:

  • PWM
  • Selectable 8-Bit or 16-Bit PWM Ratios
  • Easy to read Digital Display
  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • 256-levels of brightness, full-color with driver controls
  • Can achieve asynchronous color changes effects
  • Capable of controlling LED light with 1-5 colors
  • Freely set the DMX address 1-512
  • Modularizing can be matched with different LED modules