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The Club 1024 Controller is ideal for more demanding projects: when a high number of DMX channels are needed, for sound to light shows or Live performances. The offer includes an electronic card with 1024 DMX channels that works with the LED Player and the Pro DMX software.

The Club 1024 is compatible with all Chromateq software, it can be integrated into scalable control systems designed for live performance or fixed installation, or deployed individually without a computer as an elegantly simple but sophisticated standalone control solution.

Main Features:

  • LIVE & STAND ALONE - Can use in Live with software and Stand Alone with no computer.
  • DMX and ART-NET Protocols
  • Compatible Software:  LED Player, Pro DMX, Pixxem & Studio DMX (Windows, iOS & Linux)
  • 30 minutes loop of Audio and Video Timeline with Pro DMX
  • Studio DMX 3D viewer compatible
  • 1024 In/Out DMX ch. (2x512 PC) or 256 ch. (Stand Alone)
  • 2 ART-NET Universes 
  • Stand Alone Memory capacity: 2000 step to 200 steps
  • Default scene triggering when power up
  • Infrared Receiver onboard (Optional Remote Control for scene triggering)
  • 1 NEXT button for scene triggering
  • 5 Year Warranty

Product Features:

DMX (Software & Live)

  • DMX Output:  1024 Channels
  • DMX (Software & Live)
    • LED Player:   1024 Channels
    • Pro DMX:  1024 Channels
    • Pixxem:  1024 Channels

Stand Alone

  • DMX Out (16-bit):  512 Channels
  • Zone (Scene play at a time):  1 Zone 

Memory (Stand Alone)

  • Memory Step Capacity:  100 ~ 1024
  • Max Scene Capacity:  255  

Triggers (Stand Alone)

  • Smart Contacts (on/off, release, start):  4 (15 max)
  • Infrared:  Yes
  • Next Scene Button:  Yes

    Software Options

    • Studio DMX:  3D Viewer in real-time (Full Mode)
    • ART-NET (Software & Live)
      • LED Player:   2x512 Channels
      • Pro DMX:  2x512 Channels
      • Pixxem:  8x512 Channels
    • ART-NET Output from PC:  2x512 Channels
    • Upgrades:  Upgradable to PRO NET on site**

    ** Requires the customer's email and serial number

    Mechanical Options:

    • Mini USB 2.0 (Input) - 5V. DC
    • Dimensions:   H: 4.8 cm (1.89 in) ; W: 7 cm (2.76 in) ; L: 8.9 cm  (3.50 in)
    • Weight:  0.15 Kgs (5.3 oz)
    • 3 Pin-NEUTRIK XLR (x2)
    • RJ45 connectors for I/O and triggers
    • High voltage-proof
    • Strong aluminum housing that can be mounted on any support
    • Certifications: CE ; RoHS

    Package Contents:

    • DMX Interface
    • Software Included (Downloadable) - Windows, iOS & Linux
    • USB to MINI USB Cable

    Optional Accessories:

    • 5V DC USB Power Supply
    • Infrared Remote Control

    Software Download: 



    All Chromateq™ Lighting Management Software is Free and requires a Chromateq™ Device or Interface to transform your computer into an impressively adaptable and effective DMX Controller.