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Chromateq CQSA-E PRO USB & Ethernet to DMX Stand Alone Interface

The new CQSA-E Pro includes an Ethernet port in addition to the USB port. This gives long-distance access and communication with the device anywhere on a Local Network (LAN & WLAN) or on the Internet (via Web server). Connected to an access point or a router you have easy control with a mobile or tablet using the Wi-Light 2 APP. Same hardware features as the CQSA 1024 with ETHERNET port for Local Area Network.

A 6-in-1 multiprotocol Stand-Alone device featuring DMX playback, DMX In/Out, Art-Net Out, sACN Out, Node (Art-Net to DMX decoder), and Splitter, the CQSA-E is a versatile and essential tool designed to meet the needs of the widest array of lighting projects, Live performances, and installations.

  • Live & Stand Alone: Outstanding functionality and reliability for both live show control and permanent installations of lighting.
  • Ethernet LAN / WLAN: Scalable, up to 128 connected interfaces via Ethernet.  Remote communication anywhere on the network.
  • ART-NET & sACN: Broadcast/multicast to 8 Art-Net/sACN universes from a micro SD card over Ethernet in Stand-alone.
  • NODE - ART-NET Decoder: Art-Net to DMX decoder and converter translates Art-Net data and outputs DMX signals via 2 DMX ports.
  • DMX: 2x512 DMX outputs per interface. Split, Merge, Trigger, Record DMX data via our softwares.


Main Features

Hardware & DMX (Software & Live):

  • LED PLAYER / PRO DMX / PIXXEM (In/Out): 1024 (2x512)
  • Web Remote over Internet: Yes (Free, no year additional fees)
  • Ethernet (10 Mb/s): Yes (LAN, Internet, compatible with Wifi routers)
  • USB: Yes (Mini USB, 5V. DC, 0.2A)
  • Max interface connected: 12 (USB - 24 DMX) / 128 (Ethernet - 256 DMX)
  • RDM (Remote Device Management, Bi-directional DMX communication): Yes, Pro DMX 2 only
  • Weight / Operating Temperature / Certification: 0.2 Kg (0.44 lb) / -40 to +85 C° / CE, RoHS
  • Dimension (cm / in): L: 16.60 (6.54), W: 9.7 (3.82), H: 3.80 (1.49)


Stand Alone Features:

  • DMX Out (16-bit channels): 1024 (2x512, 2U.)
  • Zone (Scene play a time): 5
  • MASTER / SLAVE Synchro (Wired + Ethernet): Yes, (32 max wired / 128 max Ethernet)
  • Art-Net / sACN (Stand Alone, requires a Class 10 microSD card): 8x512 Out (8 universes on micro SD)
  • NODE (Art-Net & sACN to DMX decoder, DHCP, IP, unicast, broadcast): 2x512 Out per interface
  • Wi-Light 2 APP Configuration: Yes (LAN, Web, Internet)
  • Power: Input: 5~24V DC, 0.2A / Output: 5V DC
  • Default start scene, Automatic Scene Recovery if off, Scene priority, Clock: Yes


Memory (Stand Alone):

  • Memory Step capacity: 2K ~10K
  • Internal memory (No SD required): Yes, 4Mb
  • Max Scene capacity: 512
  • SD Card expansion slot (Class 10 Micro SD): Yes (FAT format, max. 256 GB, Class 10)


Triggers (Stand Alone):

  • Buttons (8x scene/color playback, 4x function menu navigation): Yes
  • RTC (Built-in Clock and Calendar with Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year): Yes
  • Wi-Light 2 APP, UDP, JSON (requires a WIFI router): Yes (LAN, Internet)
  • UDP / Ethernet triggers and commands (from SDK): Yes (for 3rd part software or device)
  • Smart Contacts on 3~5V (on, on/off, release, start, priority): 7 (127 contacts max)
  • Commands from the Contacts (speed, scene, dimmer, zone, pause): Yes
  • DMX In Trigger & Merge DMX (Signal from other DMX devices): Yes
  • Master/Slave Port or Ethernet: Yes (x32 wired or x128 by Ethernet)
  • Mode activation & Manual Clock setting: Yes
  • Infrared remote (scene, zones, play, pause, dimmer, speed, blackout, colors): Optional (Need the IR Kit)
  • Light Intensity sensor: Optional (Need the IR Kit)


Software Options


  • LED PLAYER: Up to 64x512 DMX Outputs
  • PRO DMX: 30 mins Audio and Video Timeline
  • PIXXEM: Up to 255x512 DMX Outputs
  • STUDIO DMX: 3D viewer in real-time (Full mode)
  • WI-LIGHT 2 - Mobile APP(Android, iOS, Win, Mac, Linux): Software and device control from LAN
  • 2022 Chromateq software: Yes
  • Worldwide Technical Support: Yes, English, French, Chinese​


Art-Net, sACN, DVI:

  • ART-NET, sACN Output (LED PLAYER, PRO DMX: 16×512
  • ART-NET, sACN Input: Yes
  • ART-NET, sACN Output (PIXXEM): 64×512
  • DVI supported resolution (PIXXEM): 024×768 / 78 6432 pixels


Triggers and additional options:

  • PC Clock (Calendar, Time): Yes
  • Multiple Timeline and Import: Yes
  • Timeline Live Record: 1024×768 / 78 6432 pixels
  • MIDI, RS232, DMX IN, UDP, Keyboard, Hyperlinks: Yes
  • MIDI control, Audio BEAT, BPM, WI-LIGHT 2: Yes
  • User Interface customization: Yes


Package Contents

  • DMX Interface
  • Software Included (Downloadable) - Windows, Mac OS X & Linux
  • USB to Mini USB Cable
  • 9V DC Power Supply (UL Certified)