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The Best Uses of DMX Software: Getting Started With Lighting Control Protocols

DMX is a lighting control protocol that can be used to adjust the intensity of lights remotely. It's been around for over 30 years and has been adopted by many industries, including entertainment hubs, shopping malls, event coordinators, and lighting technicians. You may have heard about it in relation to nightclubs or concerts.

Do you want to learn more about how DMX works? We've got all the information you need right here! Check out our website for more information on what DMX is and how it can help your business grow. And if you're looking for an easy way to get started with this protocol, we offer a free trial, so you can see firsthand just how powerful this software is!

What is DMX software?

DMX is a lighting control protocol that allows for remote adjustment of lights without extensive cabling. It was created in 1982 and has been widely adopted by many industries, including entertainment hubs, shopping malls, event coordinators, and lighting technicians. DMX can be used to adjust the intensity of different lamps simultaneously, making it a valuable protocol for concerts, clubs, and other nighttime events.

DMX software is a type of software that uses DMX to control lights. In particular, it focuses on adjusting the intensity of different lamps simultaneously. Use this protocol if you're in an industry that needs to control multiple fixtures at once remotely.

What are the best uses of DMX Software?

There are a variety of ways to use DMX software. In particular, event coordinators can use it for the following reasons:

  • To replace dimmer boards without having to install more cables
  • To add an extra level of security and redundancy in their lighting systems
  • To control long strings of lights without the need of having an operator in each location
  • To allow a single operator to control lights on multiple channels from a distance
  • To save on costs and labor costs by automating the setup and operation of lights
  • To let different operators control different areas from a single software interface
  • To allow for easy reconfiguration in case of changes to the layout or the lighting system
  • To use different types of lights with the same software

The protocol is very powerful, but it's also quite complex. Use DMX software if you need to control multiple lamps at once. Otherwise, try out our other lighting protocols!

What are some examples of events that use DMX?

Numerous events utilize DMX software and lighting protocols:

  • Concerts, festivals, and club parties are ideal for using DMX software because they typically feature lights of many colors. By using multiple lighting types and different intensities, you can turn up the visual experience! The enhanced atmosphere will draw more people to your event – more customers mean a higher profit margin for you!
  • Shops and galleries can also benefit from DMX technology. It's easy to adjust the intensity of each light so that visitors are always able to see the art clearly, while not having their eyes distracted by bright lights. This gives your establishment a warm, welcoming feel without hurting the quality of the artwork.
  • Large, open spaces can use DMX software to create an ambient yet subtle lighting scheme. This way, you don't have to put up the typical bright lights – they're not ideal for many public settings! You won't have to worry about blinding your patrons or collaborators; just dim the lights and let them enjoy a comfortable, soothing experience.
  • Malls can use DMX to improve the ambiance of their shopping environment. Adjustable lights create a better mood and attract more customers than bright overhead lights. This is especially true at nighttime when shoppers are looking for an exciting yet relaxing environment!

What industries use DMX software?

Many industries use DMX to control lights. This prevents an operator from walking around to each location – instead, they can sit at their desk and adjust everything from one place! In particular, event coordinators can increase the entertainment value of their events by controlling light colors and intensities from afar.

The other main industry that uses DMX is the lighting industry. Lighting companies use DMX as a way of controlling multiple fixtures at once. Using DMX software to combine and adjust different lighting types, they can create rich, artistic environments with their lights.

Common mistakes when using DMX software?

To ensure that you're getting the most out of your lighting software, make sure you don't make the following mistakes:

  • Don't assume that DMX software is used exclusively in concert halls and nightclubs. It's great for a variety of settings! If you would like more info on using DMX software effectively, talk to one of our lighting experts.
  • Don't automatically assume that you will save money on labor and electricity bills by using DMX. If you're not familiar with using DMX software, it may be time-consuming for your workers to manually adjust all the lights in a space like a restaurant. In this case, you might find it easier to hire an electrician to install dimmers instead.
  • Don't assume that every lighting system needs a DMX interface! You'll only need a DMX system if you want to control multiple lights or rooms from one location. For more information on whether your lighting project requires DMX, call us or visit our website.
  • Don't assume that your event must have a complex lighting scheme. You can usually use simple lighting schemes to create an ambient tone with lots of mood and atmosphere. If you're looking for something more dramatic, though, then DMX software is probably your best choice!

How to find the best DMX software for your needs?

There are many DMX lighting packages out there, and it can be hard to find the one that is right for you. Here are some ways to narrow down your options:

  • Check with the venue space. Some venues have environments that require specific lighting software. For example, a well-lit art gallery requires different software than a nightclub.

  • See if you can try out different DMX software packages. This way, you'll know exactly what you're getting before investing! Most DMX lighting companies will let you download a free demo of their product and see how it works in your home or workplace.

Why do you need DMX software to control lights, sound, and video from a single computer program?

DMX software is an excellent tool for all types of events, big and small. Many professional event coordinators use DMX in their shows.

  • Concerts benefit from DMX software because the console allows you to monitor and control multiple instruments and sound effects at once. This lets the performers focus more intensively on their music and performance instead of walking around the venue checking each light.
  • Dramatic shows can benefit from DMX software by giving lighting designers more control over complex visual effects. Whether it's a play or an opera, there are many opportunities for adding lights wherever they're needed!
  • Wedding receptions are a great example of how DMX software can help you gain more control over your event. Using DMX lighting packages, you can change the mood from uplifting to romantic on a dime!
  • Corporate events like sales conferences and charity galas also use DMX interfaces as an effective way to get their message out to attendees. DMX software is a lot more flexible than many people realize!

What Are The Top 5 best-selling DMX Software?


  1. Enttec DMXIS 70570 Software and Interface

The DMXIS 70570 from Enttec is a lighting control software package that works with Apple and PC (both 32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems. The interface plugs into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your computer, and the peripheral has two ¼" TRS analog outputs for connecting external controls and sensors. A free trial version is available, but only the full version of DMXIS 70570 comes with technical support and will run indefinitely without nag screens or watermarks.

  1. Enttec D-PRO Lighting Control Software

D-PRO from Enttec is a hardware and software package that gives you everything you need to create professional lighting effects with DMX512 technology. The program offers an immense amount of flexibility, letting you use up to 7 universes of 512 channels each to control lights, sound, video, and more in any combination. You can control your entire system using hotkeys, a mouse, or an external MIDI controller. A free trial version of D-PRO is available on the Enttec site.

  1. Cue Server Express Software Upgrade

A solid package in its own right, the Cue Server Express upgrade from Enttec will let you control multiple Cue Servers from a single computer. The software also gives you access to networked shows that use a centralized database for storing all their cues. Since it's an upgrade for DMXIS 70570, you will need to purchase the DMXIS 70570 software first.

  1. Show Cue System - Professional DMX Lighting Software

ShowCue is the most popular and comprehensive software used for live theater and entertainment events. It is designed to provide a full range of effects, including light cues, special FX, sound triggers, pre-recorded messaging, or music clips. The good news is that if you use this software to schedule and execute your lighting effects, it frees up more time for your performers to spend with their audiences.

  1. DL4 - The Ultimate Light Controller Software

DL4 is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable solutions available for lighting professionals of all levels. It's the perfect tool for running large shows featuring multiple units, channels, and lights – check it out!

The Takeaway

If you are thinking of buying DMX hardware and software to control all your stage lighting effects, don't hesitate to contact us first. We can offer a wide range of professional DMX solutions to meet your needs. Our technicians at SIRS-E are committed to providing high-quality products and friendly after-sales service.

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