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10 Reasons Why You Need an ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node for Your Lighting Controls

Are you looking for a DMX node? The ODE Mk2 is the ideal tool for converting from Ethernet-based protocols to actual DMX and vice versa. It's small, portable, and easy to use. You can't go wrong with this device!

With this single-universe RDM compatible node, you can convert from any ethernet protocol to DMX even without adapters or converters. You won't have to worry about compatibility ever again! And it's small enough that it'll fit in your pocket - so take it anywhere with you.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node is a powerful lighting controller.

The ODE Mk2 supports 16 channels of DMX output, and it's also an RDM-capable device. You can control the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 with any console that supports Art-NET or sACN, so you can use your favorite lighting software to create stunning effects.

Combine multiple ENTTEC ODE Mk2s for even more output channels!

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node has built-in Ethernet ports for control and data transmission.

With the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node, you can use standard Ethernet cables for your DMX and RDM data. You won't need more cable than is necessary, so that setup will be simpler and less expensive.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node is very easy to use.

One of the most incredible things about the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is that it's simple to set up and use. No drivers or software are needed - plug into a power outlet, and you're ready to go!

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can be used with any light, including LEDs and fluorescent tubes.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 can output DMX signals to control one or more dimmers on a single circuit so that you can use it with your existing lights. It outputs smooth 0-10V analog signals and is compatible with LEDs, fluorescent lamps, and incandescent fixtures.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can store individual presets for different types of events or moods.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 has 16 DMX and RDM output channels, which you can configure using Art-NET or sACN. You can create whole shows with complete 3D control and save them to use again later for different events.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can be used with a wide variety of different control systems.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can be controlled from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The ODE Mk2 supports Art-NET and sACN, which are widely popular in the theatrical lighting industry. You don't need to worry about compatibility - use your favorite software! And you don't even need to buy new lights specifically for use with Ethernet technology; any DMX-compatible lights will work.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 supports TouchOSC and HUI protocols widely used in the entertainment industry for lighting and audio control. You have several options, so you can use whichever system is most convenient for you.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can be controlled with an iPad using the free ENTTEC Device 4 iPad App.

Using the free ENTTEC Device 4 app on an iPad or iPhone allows you to create whole shows and save them in your favorite lighting software. It supports the ENTTEC ODE Mk2, so you can use Ethernet to create wireless DMX in any venue.

It allows for versatile and flexible control of your lights. With Art-NET and sACN connections, the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 can be controlled from any Art-NET/sACN console, such as the ENTTEC CM8 DMX Controller or an iPad using the free Device 4 app. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 also supports ArtNet and sACN simultaneously, so you can connect directly to your existing system without having to buy new console hardware.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node is built to last, and it's made in Germany.

We designed the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 to be durable, so you can set it up confidently every time without worrying about your equipment failing on you. We build all of our products in a large, modern factory by experienced workers in Germany. We use high-quality parts that can withstand the demands of professional use.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node is always up to date with new features and functionality.

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible using our products, so we're constantly improving the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node and releasing new features. We release firmware updates regularly and add functionality to our products based on user feedback.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node supports sub master addressing.

With Art-NET and sACN, more than 1,000 systems can be connected to create one huge control network. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 supports up to 16 sub-master's per channel, so you can address any individual light on a bus with its unique ID.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node is the only Ethernet-capable dimmer that features actual analog output.

The output of the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 has been designed to emulate an analog device as closely as possible. We have also added a crossover frequency to use older and newer gear together without any problems. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 always outputs smooth, analog values perfect for control via DMX512, Art-NET, or sACN.

  1. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node can be powered by a single power supply.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 operates on the same voltage as your lights. You don't need to worry about powering it - run cables away from the dimmer and plug them directly into your lights. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node supports balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs for maximum compatibility.

We want to ensure that our products fit in with your existing setup, wherever you are using them. That's why the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 features two types of XLR connectors: Balanced and Unbalanced. This way, you can connect it to your present setup without buying all new cables or adaptors.

Who Uses ENTTEC ODE Mk2?

The best lighting designers use our new series of DMX Nodes in the world. You can find the ENTTEC ODE Mk 2 being used on concert stages, in clubs and bars, at live events, in theatres and opera houses, artists' studios, or set designers' offices. It's used for lighting control and audio (P16-M) as it is fully compatible with the most common DMX512 application.

It is light, flexible, and easy to use for customers and installers, so it's perfect for rental companies or to be used onsite by rental companies due to its small form factor and its ability to run on a single power supply.

Spots are the most common light fixtures used in nightclubs, bars, concert halls, or event locations. The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is specially designed for spotlights and can control 64 channels in parallel with digital precision with Art-NET / ACN.

You don't need to have technical knowledge of DMX networks. Simply connect your ENTTEC ODE Mk2 via Ethernet (LAN) cable to your existing network, and you can control all your Art-NET or ACN devices.

Is the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 right for my Business?

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is perfect for lighting installation companies, rental companies, and event locations.

If you are a lighting designer or use the setup frequently on location, the ENTTEC ODE Mk 2 will quickly become your workhorse.

If you are a lighting rental company that deals with various setups, the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is highly flexible. It can be used via Ethernet or onsite by using the built-in battery, so you can set up in seconds and start running your show.

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is also ideally suited for theatrical lighting, any event where there is a need to control the lights from far away and in locations that would otherwise require you to hire local technical support or waiting on your staff.

If you are a rental company, the ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is very easy to install and use. Just run your network cable and start running your show with no need for local technical support.

If you want to mess around with some lighting effects on your house (or bar), then why not do it at 100% power?

The Takeaway:

The ENTTEC ODE Mk2 is one of the most valuable tools in your lighting arsenal. No matter how big or small your installation is, no need to rent a unit onsite every time; you get total control over all your art-net and ACN devices from any location via Ethernet (LAN).

The ODE Mk2 is a powerful DMX node that can convert Ethernet-based protocols and physical DMX with ease. It's small, portable, and easy to use. There are plenty of reasons why you should get one for your lighting controls! What do you think? Are the 10 Reasons Why You Need an ENTTEC ODE Mk2 DMX Node for Your Lighting Controls article worth reading? Let us know in the comments below! If you want more information on the product or have any questions about it, head over to our website at SIRS-E (, where we offer everything from LED lights to DMX nodes like this one.